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Published September 16, 2019

Angry Birds 2 is a rich and vibrant sequel to Angry Birds, with a wicked new cast and a hilariously funny narrative. It sees the return of the regular talented crew that includes Red (Jason Sudeikis), Chuck (Josh Gad) and Bomb (Danny McBride), but it is the exceptional voice acting talents of Leslie Jones as Zeta, who drives the movie into an uproarious new dimension. The first Angry Birds (2016), despite unfavorable reviews, was a major box office hit, ranked as the third highest grossing film based on a video game, behind Warcraft (Jones, 2016) and Pokémon: Detective Pikachu (Letterman, 2019).

Angry Birds began as a fantasy based video (specifically mobile) game app created by the Finnish Company Rovio Entertainment, and was released in December 2009. The game revolves around a mob of birds whose eggs are stolen by a group of hungry green pigs. The birds fight back with a slingshot to destroy the pigs rickety house- like structures. It has since become one of the most downloaded free game series of all time.

In the first Angry Birds movie we see Red (aka ‘Eyebrows’) as a disgruntled character sent to anger management class, where he meets Bomb and Chuck and eventually becomes the unlikely hero of the island for having saved the hatchlings and Bird Island from the green porcine onslaught.

Billed as “frenemies”, Angry Birds 2 sees the opposing islands join forces to fight off the evil icy queen Zeta, after several ice ball attacks from Eagle Island. King Leonard (Bill Hader) and his team of green pigs recruit Red and his companions to jump on board his yellow submarine for some serious espionage work. They pick up slacker Ethan “Mighty Eagle” (Peter Dinklage) and infiltrate the island, only to discover a jilted love story between Zeta and Ethan. 

Red is the hero and his new found love interest Brainiac (Rachel Bloom) have saved the day, in their Mission Impossible-esque duet hovering over the top secret weapon unit guarded by Rambo-inspired eagles is hysterical. While Zeta (who is the embodiment of Cruella de Vil meets Dr Strangelove) is a wild, frenzied, and neurotic despot who is accompanied by her funny sidekick minion (Courtney Awkwafina, who also offers some cool voice acting).

This animation has some seriously funny thematic devices at play that deliver wild animated action moments. And let us not forget the pleasant fuzziness that includes a cutesy and clever subplot with three hatchlings on their own mission to save their sibling eggs, all of which makes good viewing.

In conclusion, Angry Birds 2 is a fun and all round entertaining film for the entire family.

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