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Published September 16, 2018

Josh Clarke and Charles ‘Chuck’ Bryant have been gracing the airwaves of the podcasting world since 2008, their smooth voices seem to harmonise perfectly in conversations that delve into topics ranging from broad and general, to incredibly dense and complicated. And yet somehow, it’s impossible to stop listening. I never thought I’d get sucked into the mystery behind “How Traffic Works” or be led down a rabbit hole while learning about “The Disappearance of the Yuba County Five”. The duo has an incredible chemistry together, and their conversational style format makes for easy listening know matter what the topic. It’s been a long time coming, but finally Josh and Chuck graced the fair shores of the sunburnt country with a massive Australia and New Zealand SYSK Live Tour. Anybody who’s on the fence about seeing these two lads live, get off the fence and into a theatre immediately, because these two really bring it on stage.

Live at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, the anticipation was electric. It was clear to anybody seated amongst the rabble that this was a crowd of people who had been waiting years to see these two podcasting icons. Merch was flying off the stands, children were literally bouncing with barely containable excitement and conversations about favourite episodes could be loudly overheard. When the stars of the show made the presence known on the stage, the theatre exploded in cheers. People leapt from seat and gave a standing ovation in the opening moments of the show, a clear sign of respect for the two legends.

The show opened with some audience interaction, setting the tone for the rest of the night. Chuck spoke fondly about his time on the Mornington Peninsula and his adventures driving on the Australian roads, while Josh used the opportunity to crack wise about the rat he saw back stage. The audience ate up every word, really getting into the spirit of the show ahead. The opening bit felt like a showcase of their chemistry, I’d happily see a live comedy show in any format they’d like to present. It wasn’t before long though, before they made their way to a large desk adorned with microphones and got the podcast portion of the show started.

Not knowing what the topic was before the show started was a blessing in disguise. It seems as though they have a lot more room to work with certain topics when they’re not recording for a podcast, and they used every inch of space they could while talking about the Kellogg Brothers. Not a topic that most people have ever considered past the fact their cereal has that name on it, but true to form Josh and Chuck threw down the facts and turned what could have been a mundane topic in any other communicator’s hand into an amazing night of comedy and education. Without the need to censor themselves, it was refreshing and a little shocking to hear them swear and laugh at poo jokes, it made them feel much more relatable to a crowd of rowdy Aussies.

Don’t let my obvious fanboying detract from how good this show really was. I recommend SYSK Live to anybody who enjoys educational comedy. It’s really as simple as that, I’ve tried to think of something negative to say about the night, and aside from the 6 hour round trip drive it took for me to get to the theatre from my home, there really isn’t anything negative to say. It was a pleasure from the moment Josh and Chuck stepped onto the stage, to the moment they left. Do yourself a favour and check out Stuff You Should Know anywhere you can get good podcasts, and if they’re touring near you, make the trip to see them.

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