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Published April 10, 2016

Wronger Than You is a show for the twenty-somethings; we do a lot of messed up stuff in these weird, I’m-kind-of-an-adult-but-help-I-still-need-an-adult years. Jen Carnovale – who first appeared on the scene in 2010 as part of award winning duo The Cloud Girls – is here to talk about the important things, like how only Australians get faux foreign accents after travel, why working customer service is the worst, and, inevitable for young, female comics, how to ward off the unwanted affections of older men.


Jen is clearly in her element behind a microphone, her personal anecdotes allowing her familiarity and confidence in the delivery of her material. It’s a small, temporary set-up at the Bull and Bear, but smaller rooms allow for a different level of connection between audience and performer, something that Jen works to her advantage. The situations, while specific to her, are also general enough to be relatable; we’re all aware of horrible people in jobs we don’t really want, and her material about trying to be a more positive and enthusiastic person struck a particular chord with me.

Jen has traveled the world as a performer, living and winning awards in London from 2011 through 2013, also appearing in the 2013 Hong Kong International Comedy Festival, and frequenting the airwaves since 2007, so it’s no wonder she’s comfortable on stage. Possibly as a result of her experience on radio, she doesn’t like to wait too long before addressing her next topic of humor, pausing only to take a sip of water. Her material flows smoothly, but you may need to stay a little on your toes to keep up. She’s also from Sydney, but you can’t hold that against her!

So if you’ve ever been curious about what it would be like to try every kind of biscuit – or even if you haven’t – Jen Carnovale is the right fit for you.

Jen Carnovale in Wronger Than You is at the Bull and Bear Tavern at 7pm until April 17. Prices $15 – $18, discounts for Groups of 5+, all tickets $15 on Tuedays.

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