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Published September 9, 2014

New to the Malthouse are the eight-piece theatre collective Applespiel, with their fantastically creative and entertaining show: Applespiel Make A Band And Take On The Recording Industry.


Showing as part of the Malhouse Theatre’s Helium Program, this is not your typical theatre performance. It is so much more! In what can only be described as a rule breaking theatrical rockumentary, the production recounts the story of the fictional band Applespiel. Destined to be the next big thing in indie rock music, we follow their rise to fame and their undoing, in an ingenious way…what you are watching being performed, live on stage, is the making of a documentary. Live. No really, I mean it. The stage is setup with cameras, complete with musical performances from the band and backing tracks. Three tv screens above the performance space accompany the live switching between multiple cameras that project the stories of the band members as they reflect on their journey in with the band.

It is an amazingly well choreographed and incredibly detailed production. The clash between ego-centric front men, the girls who just came along for the ride, the romantic drama that follow and the big blow out for really deserves the credit (and financial compensation); the show is witty and leaves no cliché unexplored. Full of hugely accurate insight into what it means to be a part of the Australian indie music scene, it uses a limited number of props that aid in creating complexity and layers to this creative performance. The interaction and involvement of the audience adds another layer to the documentary and use of both handheld and mounted cameras craft an entertaining

Full of infectious energy and with plenty of laughs this is a not to be missed creative endeavour from Applespiel. Artists; Simon Binns, Nathan Harrison, Nikki Kennedy, Emma McManus, Joseph Parro, Troy Reid, Rachel Roberts and Mark Rogers excel at using theatre and live performance to do something that could not be done in another medium, they do it in an intelligent and entertaining way. And it’s awesome.

Applespiel Make A Band And Take On The Recording Industry is running from September 3-13 @ Tower Theatre, The Coopers Malthouse. For tickets and more info click here