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Published November 26, 2013

The women of Shakespeare, with all their pros and cons, mashed up with the tunes of Amy Winehouse, Rhianna, The Cranberries and Eminem to name a few, sounds like a challenging and interesting concept. Unfortunately it came across more challenging then it was interesting. However, I don’t feel all the fault lies with writer and performer Carla Kissane. For me one of the major issues of the show if not the biggest was in fact the venue. A stuffy room with poor visibility, uncomfortable seating arrangement and her performance unaided by and amplification certainly didn’t make for a fully enjoyable night out.

Kissane was joined on stage by Musical Director Andrew Patterson on piano and veteran actor of stage and screen Don Bridges. Bridges supporting role throughout this show was at times awkward due to what looked like forgotten lines on occasion. Once again the full potential for the interaction between the two performers was lost due to the playing space they had on stage. While reading this you may think my impression was quite negative, but there is one thing that is undoubtable: Kissane’s abilities as a performer and the actual show itself. See, the show is quite good, but I feel the venue detracted from its impact quite substantially. While Whores and Weeping Women is a cabaret show it deserves to be at a bigger venue and a more comfortable space that fully allows the audience to enjoy every meaty phrase, titillating song and Kissane’s talent.

I applaud Kissane and her team for what is a good show but sadly I wasn’t able to enjoy it to its full capacity as I was too busy trying to hear her lovely voice over a booming piano and trying to weave my head around past the people in front of me so I could see the action that was happening on stage. I would beg that this talented performer find herself a space befitting her gifts and her show next time around.

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