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Published November 3, 2013

After a hectic month, Kate Martin is having some well-deserved time off in her home town of Melbourne. In the lead-up to her tour for her new single ‘Awaken’, Kate and her band have been performing a handful of shows in New South Wales. In November, Kate will take her music on the Awaken tour to Sydney, Brisbane, Byron Bay and back to Melbourne in a set of highly anticipated shows.

Despite having just finished a leg of shows, Kate’s enthusiasm for performing and anticipation for her entire tour is delightfully unwavering: “I think I’m looking forward to different things about different cities. My band members and I are all looking forward to Byron, it’s such a fun place. But I’m also really excited about Sydney, it’s a really great city.” Then again, “The Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane is a beautiful venue, so I’m excited about playing there. I guess we’re just excited about the whole tour”.

Kate Martin

At just 22, Kate has made huge strides as a musician. Having already released two albums, Kate will be launching her third in 2014. The approach to each album is unique to the album itself, she finds, with their being a stark difference between her first album Synthetic Shoes, Leather Boots and her 2014 release: “Each process for the album is a little different. My first album was a collection of songs I had already, so it was just a matter of putting them together.” On the other hand, Kate set her own goal to write her third album, “so there was a bit more pressure. I think I’ve learnt to not push it when the inspiration isn’t there, to wait for it to come.”

This has resulted in Kate’s music taking an evolutionary turn, where fans can possibly expect the music on the new record to have delicately changed from the previous two: “This album was written after I had moved to Melbourne so there’s a lot of experiences influencing it, so I think maybe rather than being different it’s more of a natural progression.”

The move from Townsville to Melbourne around 15 months ago has seen her really make her mark on the Australian music scene. With a second album tour coinciding with winning the Groovin’ the  Moo spot on Triple J’s Unearthed 2012, Kate found that the decision to move was something that has really helped her establish herself as a musician: “As much as I love Townsville moving to Melbourne was definitely a calculated decision. I’m not the sort of person to make that kind of move on a whim. The move here has opened me up to heaps of different opportunities- even just by being out you meet other musicians and people.”

When listening to Kate’s music, you can’t help but feel a nomadic urge to get up and go somewhere, as if the songs are carrying you along unknowingly, but definitely not unwillingly. Kate especially wanted this fluidity to come across in her new single: “I really wanted a driving force behind the song, even though it is a very raw song, I wanted people to feel that driving force, that movement”.

When choosing ‘Awaken’ to be the first single released from her new album, Kate took a peculiar, but extremely effective approach, “It’s a funny story…it was such a weighted decision and I’d thought of all these pros and cons between the songs, and eventually my manager and I, we just flipped a coin!”

As well as hearing ‘Awaken’ live, audiences will get the chance to have a taste of the upcoming album: “We will play quite a bit of new stuff on the tour. I usually take the opposite approach, but I think this time my band and I are excited to try out some new songs…the album won’t be coming out for a little while, but there should be a single released between now and then.”

Until then, be sure to grab your tickets to her tour. Information can be found at:

Kate Martin’s ‘Awaken’ Tour Dates

SYDNEY, News-agency – NSW

Friday, 15th November 2013

BYRON BAY, The Brewery – NSW

Saturday, 16th November 2013

BRISBANE, Black Bear Lodge -QLD

Sunday, 17th November 2013

MELBOURNE, Grace Darling – VIC

Saturday, 23rd November 2013

MELBOURNE, Paradise Music Festival – VIC

Saturday, 30th November 2013

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