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Published September 19, 2013

“One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR.”
– Anon.

Last night I attended the launch party of Tequila Blu, and I just want to come out and say it was one hell of a night out! Opinions vary on exactly what it is that makes a great party, but their combination of amazingly crafted cocktails, food from the Taco Truck, and entertainment from both a live DJ and the highly skilled barstaff who pulled off incredible stunts like juggling flaming bottles hit all the right notes.

Those are bottles ON FIRE.
Those are bottles. ON FIRE.

Now, I’m not much of a tequila drinker – something about the taste just doesn’t do it for me – but their signature shot served with an orange wedge dipped in vanilla sugar went down so smoothly and with a flavor that lingered pleasantly on the tongue that I have become a convert. The cocktails were exceptional; highlights for me were the Strawberry Cooler and the Passionfruit Maragrita, which were fruity and sweet, and…just incredible.

The (first) Passionfruit Margarita.
The (first) Passionfruit Margarita.

I’m told that Tequila Blu’s distinctive taste comes from blue agave grown in four different regions of Mexico, which is fermented and distilled twice, then “rested” for six months, before finally being cold filtered. That might mean more to some of you – for me, it may as well be in Spanish – all I know is that it went down very smooth.

The "Shot Station".
The “Shot Station”.

The Taco Truck provided a delicious complement; a selection including potato hard shell and spicy beef soft tacos which the crowd loved, and I could not stop going back for “seconds”.

Noms, courtesy of the Taco Truck.
Noms, courtesy of the Taco Truck.

Musical accompaniment included favorites such as Tequila and La Cucaracha, and there was much dancing. It was also fun to see how guests responded to the dress code, “Blue”.

Tequila Blu can be found on shelves now and costs around $40 ($37.90 at Dan Murphy’s). As always, drink responsibly.

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