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Published August 26, 2013


I want to really quickly start by saying I have a love/hate relationship  with a certain television network; on the one hand, they’ve brought into the world some of my absolutely favorite shows ever, but they’re also cancelled some of my absolutely favorite shows ever COMPLETELY UNFAIRLY AND FLYING IN THE FACE OF ALL SANITY AND LOGIC, I MEAN, WHAT KIND OF COMPLETE AND UTTER…!

I’m sorry. I’ll keep that under control. Look, this is about Firefly, so please excuse me if I get a little passionate at time. All I’m saying is that it had an amazing cast, exceptional writing which made for deep and complex characters and an incredibly detailed universe, averaged nearly 4.5 million viewers and its cancellation was a travesty.

But, as Penny would sing in Joss’s later work Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, “Even in the darkness / Every color can be found”, and from their collective sorrow the Browncoats banded together and got a DVD and eventually a movie, both of which we also managed to get onto the International Space Station.

And then on June 23 – Joss’s birthday – in 2006 we achieved the impossible, and it made us mighty; a worldwide charity screening of Serenity for Equality Now, dubbed Can’t Stop The Serenity. Which brings us to now, seven years and over $800,000 later.


On Saturday the State Library of Victoria played host to the Melbourne Can’t Stop The Serenity ’13 – the 7th year it has run – and a slew of fans including yours truely gathered at a sold out event to celebrate the fandom, see some kick-arse videos, and raise money for an amazing cause. And…I went a little nuts on the Twitter.

In fact, a quick search of #CSTSMelb2013 will net you about 90% me. I mean, our MC comedian Ben McKenzie got a couple of tweets in, but I’m forced to confess I may have a problem.

In my defence, the day was very much about that. Ben’s opening remarks focused on what it was to be a fan, the varying levels of fandom, and how, in his words, “FanSpaces are safe spaces”. A quick parlor game revealed to us all the degrees of difference; some had seen all of Buffy – no shaming, but Ben hasn’t – while others were seeing Serenity for the first time. But what we all had in common was our support for the cause, and our unashmed passion about things.

Highlights? That’s a difficult one. I definitely have to mention the couple who immediately grabbed the adoration of the audience by attending in costume as Wash’s dinosaurs, complete with an inflatable palm tree adorned with a sign that said “This Land”. Of course, the singing and indeed lip-syching along to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – audience participation moments include joining in on the lines “Lacy, gently wafting curtains” and “This must be what pain feels like!” – and the audience applause and cheers for Kaylee’s “I wanna live!” moment in Serenity. Also, I thought our hundred plus choir of people singing “The Hero of Canton” was beautiful.

All in all, an excellent time was had, and I’m really glad I was there.

The event took place thanks to the work of the New Melbourne Browncoats – thanks for the shiny time, guys!

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