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Published August 5, 2013

On Friday, Sharona wrote this piece about Seven Shows That Were Canned Too Soon; the final show on this list was Joss Whedon’s incredible Firefly, which has reawakened in me the feeling of loss/anger I felt about a month ago when a friend told me about Drive.

Drive FOX TV show image

For those who haven’t heard of Drive, it was a 2007 action drama staring Nathan Fillion as Alex Tully, a man forced to compete in a secret, illegal, underground drag race through mainland America for a staggeringly large amount of money. But that’s not why Alex is racing; his wife Kathryn (Amy Acker) has been kidnapped, and the only way to get her back is to win. And he’s not the only one who isn’t just in it for the money. Everyone has their secrets, especially Corinna (played by Kristin Lehman), a mysterious woman out for revenge, who partners with Alex after stealing a flash drive of information from one of the race’s organisers.

Will Alex get win his wife back? Will Corinna get the revenge she seeks? Will the unseen puppet-masters  responsible for the race be brought to justice? We’ll never know because it was cancelled after four episodes.

Now, I’m not saying that the Fox Corporation are either completely evil, or grade-a morons.  I may be thinking it, you may extrapolate it, but I’m not saying it. Also, they may have a personal vendetta against Joss Whedon. I find myself somewhat perplexed as to what the decision making process was here; “Let’s take the work of Tim Minear and Ben Queen,” they thought, “give it an awesome song as its theme, add a cast including Emma Stone, exceptional writing, a compelling narrative, detailed characters with great levels of characterization, growth, and back-story, and ten days after premiering, cancel that shit.

Also, let’s kick some puppies.”

The remaining unaired episodes (two of them) were released to digital distribution, and if you weren’t already angry, they make it so much worse by demonstrating exactly how much more awesome the show was to become. Such an injustice was it that Peter Parker himself commented in the September 2007 issue of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man that “ever since Fox cancelled Drive, it’s been one piece of bad luck after another.”

While I would encourage you to watch it – it’s amazing – I also won’t, because you will watch it, you will love it, and then part of you will die.

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