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Published July 21, 2013

Breaking Bad is arguably one of the best TV dramas of all time, which is scary because the finale is only eight episodes away. Whenever the show is brought up in conversation it is compared to the upper echelon of television dramas, which includes The Wire, The Sopranos, Game of Thrones and, course, The West Wing.

But what makes this show so compelling to viewers and critics alike?

1) The Setting

Set in Albuquerque, the show has the range of the vast and sprawling deserts, to the suburban, to city life in most episodes. You feel isolated and vulnerable when the two protagonists take the Winnebago to the desert for the first time.

2) The Science Factor

When the characters are cooking meth, the average viewer is intrigued as this process is new, strange and dangerous. You have a sense of voyeurism as the characters mix chemicals, create colourful concoctions and deliver the final blue crystal product that is illegal is most Westernised countries.

3) The Plot

It seems like a ridiculous premise, but the writing mixed with the suspense pulls it all together. The fear of the protagonists getting caught keeps the viewer transfixed on the show, sitting on the edge of their seat and unsure where the story is taking them next.

4) Character Development

The cast is incredible, each member creates such a distinct and unique character that you will never fail to forget. An honourable mention would go to Bob Odenkirk who plays the lawyer Saul. Saul is possibly TV’s best drama character as he brings levity and humour to the dire situation of the protagonists and the dangerous business they are in.

With only eight more episodes to go, the show is left in a precarious position with the Heisenberg looking like he may finally be caught by his brother…but Breaking Bad has a tendency to zig and zag its way through the story, and I am 99.6% sure that the finish will leave a lasting impression on the television landscape.

Breaking Bad returns on August 11, 2013.

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