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Published July 31, 2013

Breathtaking. Suspenseful. Perfection.

The latest Marvel film to grace the silver screen, The Wolverine, had a huge amount of pressure riding on it due to external forces, these being:

  • Living up to the same standards as the Avengers/Iron Man/X-Men
  • The FAILURE of a film called Wolverine: Origins… possibly the worst Marvel film in the last 10 years.
  • The delayed filming due to the 2011 Tokyo Tsunami.

Yet… it was incredible.


The film was paced perfectly with a fantastic plot arc and character development. Hugh Jackman returned as an even more solid and stoic as the film’s protagonist, who ventures to Japan to say goodbye to an old friend, as chaos begins all around him.

The filming itself was fantastic with a mixture of CGI and real life elements put into play. An incredible scene occurs in the first major action scene, where Wolverine is fighting a battalion of Yakuza (Japanese mobsters) on a bullet train.

This scene was one of the most memorable scenes in the film as it contained an intense amount of action, suspense and sheer epicness. A great setting in idea and execution by the cinematographer.

James Mangold has done a wonderful job of directing the film, especially taking a huge gamble of setting it in Japan and having such an off-centre plot arc.

The Wolverine is a fantastic film that everyone will enjoy – from the average viewer to the comic book loving, die-hard fan.

So please, go and see the Wolverine, you pay for the whole seat…. But you only need the edge.


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