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Published July 26, 2013

The Hurry and the Harm is the fourth studio album from acoustic folk group City and Colour. Piloted by the fantastic Dallas Green,  this latest offering hit shelves in April through Dine Alone Records.


I could write for days about how this album encapsulates some of the best acoustic tracks I have ever heard, but instead I will give you the main reasons why I think you should open iTunes and buy this album right after you finish reading this.

The lyrics are phenomenal, painting a poetic picture that burns into your mind. Some notable examples are – “What becomes of me when you stop listening?”, “I’m searching for a paradise that I can’t seem to find” and “But fortune and fame won’t save you in California.”

The album is a great mix – If you are looking for fast and brash, it’s got it. If you want smooth and soulful, it’s got it. If you want upbeat and strong… yeah it’s got that too. There is a perfect mix of songs that would satisfy most listeners.

And finally… it has one of the most beautiful songs I think I have ever heard – Golden State. This song is written about how Green believes California is overrated and overused in songs. Even though the subject matter is about a location, the guitars and soothing vocals combine to create a sad, melancholy feeling. This song is beautiful, yet sad… it’s indescribable.

The Hurry and the Harm is definitely an album to check out, and is available from all good music retailers.

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