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Published July 30, 2013

This show makes me salivate just thinking about the delicious, delectable desserts that the contestants create on a weekly basis.

Based on the British Series, The Great British Bake Off, the show features everyday individuals with a passion and panache for pastry, facing off in a series of challenges to determine the winner.


Each week we are subjected to three challenges based on a type of dessert.

1. The Signature

In this challenge, the contestants get a type of dessert (for example, pies) and then have to create their own signature for the dessert.

2. The Technical

The technical bake is where contestants have to follow a recipe they are given by the three judges. They are judged on aesthetically pleasing and delicious desserts.

3. The Showstopper

This is where contestants have the ability to create WHATEVER they believe is the most creative and delicious dish imaginable in the time frame allotted.

At the end of the weekly challenges, the judges deliberated and evict the person they believe who is the weakest baker from the dishes they delivered.

After watching the first few episodes, I feel my skills in the kitchen are more useless than I ever could have imagined. Even my famous “Anarchy Apple Crumble” would fail to sway the kindest of judges on the show.

While it is very appealing to watch, and stirs/teases the appetite of the viewer, you lack a connection to the contestants that makes the whole exercise quite frustrating. Some contestants have less personality than a dead starfish and while they can create mouth-watering dishes, the reality show struggles to maintain a faithful and devoted audience.

The show is only three episodes into its first Australian season, but to last in the fickle reality TV show landscape, a few changes should be made. I have outlined them below:

1. Bring in another judge! The two that are on the show are polar opposites, and three is a good panel number, with room for a tiebreaker.

2. Give the viewers a dish they can make themselves that’s easy and delicious, adding an element of involvement.

3. Move the show around, rather than being stuck in the same location.

4. Surprise the contestants and the audience with a less predictable routine.

The Great Australian Bake Off is off to a good start, but much like the desserts that they create – will it stand tall or will it crumble?

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