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Published July 3, 2013

So on Tuesday night I once again returned to the Butterfly Club to see ‘A Hip Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’ from Backwards Anorak.

How best to describe…? It’s strange. Daggy and proud, with a mix of original songs, quite interesting covers ranging from ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights’, to ‘Cheers’, ‘Seasame Street’ and ‘Rocky Horror’. 80s fashion adorned alien Prince Harian seeks the love of his life; a mysterious vixen called “Siri”. And that’s kind of it for the plot.

No, seriously. It’s 50 minutes of people in 80s era clothing taking cracks at pop culture. I can’t quite describe it, you really do need to see it for yourself. I sat confused and bemused, and I can’t quite put my finger on why it was so fantastic. I think it helps that it’s a small room; you really get a sense of intimacy, the feeling that we’re all friends getting together for a laugh.

Oh hang on. There was a sexual deviant sock puppet.



  • Vince Milesi
  • Michelle Brasier
  • James Baker


  • Undergrad-ish humor, 80s fashion


  • Thursday July 4, Saturday July 6, 9pm


  • The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, CBD

How much

  • Less than 30 Altarian Dollars! $23 Full, $20 Concession, $18 for groups of 8+

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