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Published July 30, 2013

Coming on August 16th as part of their “Cultastrophe” season – indeed, opening night – the Nova will be presenting the Melbourne premiere of All Superheroes Must Die, a low budget superhero/action film directed, produced, written by and staring Jason Trost.

An estranged superhero team –  Charge (Jason Trost), Cutthroat (Lucas Till), Shadow (Sophie Merkley) and The Wall (Lee Valmassy) – awaken, bereft of their powers, in an unknown and apparently abandoned town, and at the mercy of their Arch Nemesis Rickshaw (James Remar). In order to gain their freedom, they must complete a series of Saw-esque tasks that wil pit them against the clock, against themselves and each other, and are designed to make them feel like the “fucking loser” Rickshaw always does.


Apparently the film only cost $20,000, and, I have to say, it kind of shows. I hope most of it went to James Remar; not quite sure what he’s doing there, I mean, he’s on Dexter and has been in real movies, but he does his best with the material. Lucas Till was in X-Men: First Class. The script is weak and filled with not-even-funnily cheesy dialogue, the post production is nothing to write home about. If this was a pitch, or a proof of concept, I’d say go for it, but as a final product? Forget it.

The film has a lot of potential that it fails to live up to. The premise is good, but that’s about it. You can’t help but feel that if they’d had more money and time, they’d have made something excellent.

I read that there was some controversy regarding its release, as it came out shortly after Kick-Ass; while both parties were aware of each other, they take completely different directions, and one can easily excuse it as “the style of the time”, gritty, modern day superhero. Also, Kick-Ass clearly won that contest.

That said, if you’re attending something called “Cultastrophe”, these are all probably points in its favor. You can see a trailer to get an idea of what I’m talking about here.



  • Jason Trost, Lucas Till, Sophie Merkley, Lee Valmassy, James Remar, Sean Whalen, Brian Taylor, Nick Principe.


  • Gritty modern day superhero suspense/thriller.


  • Friday 16 August, 9:45pm.


  • Cinema Nova, 380 Lygon Street, Carlton.

How much

  • $12 Con, $15 Full

Bookings available online.

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